Annette’s Approach

A Positive Outlook on Life

Annette realised that her thoughts affected her body when she first attempted public speaking. She was totally dissatisfied with her feeble effort so her nose poured down for the next two days. From this, she learned about the enslavements of the soul and that each enslavement caused an ailment in the body.

More and more solutions came to her as family and friends appeared with their sicknesses. Her own body contributed as well. Annette sent a few of these simple ideas to a newspaper. They were published with the comment that she had sent “a book full of ideas”.

The spark was ignited and within six months, The Body is the Barometer of the Soul was written, categorising the ailments within the seven chakras. The journey had just begun. For fifteen months Annette received rejections slips from publishers who claimed, “the book is too small”, “it is before its time”, etc. etc

Not to be deterred, Annette began working nightshift in a factory and continued to run healing groups during the day and evenings. Finally, she earned enough money to self-publish. Her task became harder, as four thousand books awaited distribution to shops. Asking for money was not one of Annette’s strengths, but she surmounted her fear to tirelessly promote her book.

Many of Annette’s friends helped to release the book to the world, as they read and reaped its benefits. Until now, it has only been advertised through word of mouth. That first little book is now out of print, but as more and more people appeared with various ailments, an updated version became a necessity.

The Body is the Barometer of the Soul II, a bestseller since 1997, has additional chapters on dreams, thoughts on child rearing, car troubles
(which is an indication of your direction needing to change), all positive concepts of your teeth, and a sixteen page colour section of the
positive concepts of every bone, to keep them healthy. This latter section is also available as a wall chart.

Annette has since written a pocket-sized book called Beingness – A Commitment to Self, which helps you get in touch with your
Guardian Angels/Guidance, and see if there are any changes needed in the way you conduct your life. Consider an idea a day for ninety
days and you will become more aware of the fears and limitations you place on yourself. This self-awareness will help you enjoy life
more and just be.

Annette’s latest book One Thousand Petalled Lotus has a simple guide through the chakras, to find out the basis of why you think or
do things that cause your ailments. The “Barometer” lists what you are doing to cause your ailments, and the “Lotus” tells you why you
are doing it.

Annette found out how to rid those reasons from your genes or Core Belief System. She then taught Vianna Stibal’s
DNA Orion Healing Technique, which at first activates your youth and vitality chromosomes, and then your full twelve strand DNA.
This, she was very excited about, as to actually replace defective gene(s), is to change your life and make a positive difference.

Annette lived by the following beliefs

Help the world by helping yourself first.

Understand the world by understanding yourself first.

Change the world by changing yourself first.