Empowering Others

Annette was a caring, loving, giving soul. She was content to be involved in her
local area and community until someone needed her. Then, she’d pack her bag
and be there to assist.

Her aim was to help as many people as possible to understand their ailments,
link them to their thoughts, then move forward with positive actions.
Annette was brought up in a household where manners were everything and
you must always ‘do the right thing’. Over her years of growth and learning, she
untangled and re-wired her thinking to know that every experience was
something to gain from no matter how traumatic or pleasant it may be and that
everything we think has an effect on our bodies.

Annette presents you with information and hopes it can make a difference to your lives.

She lived by the belief that ‘The keys to the kingdom are deep within you’.


Beingness – A Commitment To Self

Beingness – A Commitment to Self is a pocket size step-by-step guide to take control of your life. Start to understand who you are so you can follow your own direction. Put yourself first and trust that you can change old habits. Learn to clear your aura, receive answers from your Spiritual Guides/Helpers and commit yourself to finding your inner essence. Undertake 30 days of meditation, release fears, relinquish blame and become responsible for your own actions. Continue through 90 days of meditation and you will certainly be more self-aware and so create your own happy environment. Have fun as you get to know yourself. Price is inclusive of GST and postage (Australia only).


The Body is the Barometer of the Soul II

This publication alerts people to the fact that you can help yourself to be healthy. It is a do-it-yourself book allowing you to recognise concepts that limit you, look within for the answers, then activate changes. Trust yourself and focus on taking charge of your thinking. Thence you take control of your life. If you have an ailment, refer to its meaning, then “source your inner essence” to initiate changes. Your attitude is reflected in your body. One comprehensive chapter is devoted to enhancing children’s lives so they become self-accepting, confident, empowered and happy citizens of tomorrow. Parents need to recognise that as souls, we are all equal, but children are just in smaller bodies. By accessing these concepts, you will gain an understanding of how simple it is to heal your body, by changing your thoughts. Price is inclusive of GST and postage (Australia only).


One Thousand Petalled Lotus

Use this book as a positive tool to implement basic spiritual truths and principles. The Lotus represents a higher state of consciousness with the petals being the facets of life. Healing growth clues (petals) are presented with the majority directly related to the chakras. The others promote general well being, harmony and compassion. Learn to take charge of your life by becoming responsible for yourself and your actions. Cast away negative thoughts and believe in yourself. The final chapter, Children Should Be Seen and Heard, is dedicated to establishing a strong bond between parent and child. A sense of confidence and security is attained through visual communication and contact. Think outside the physical plane and use your intent to make things happen for yourself. Price is inclusive of GST and postage (Australia only).


All 3 Books

Buy all 3 books described above. Price is inclusive of GST and postage (Australia only).


Chart Dimensions: 500mm x 760mm

Concepts of the Bones Chart

The chart is designed from information on pages within the book Body is the Barometer of the Soul II. It shows you that every bone has a positive concept to keep it healthy. Beside the concept of each bone, there is a coloured square with the number of the chakra in it. This tells you that this bone is governed by a certain chakra.

Concepts of the Bone Chart (Australia Only)

Inclusive of GST and Postage (Australia Only)


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