Tribute to Annette


Annette first stepped into the healing realms as a young girl, when her mother was ill in hospital. At home, Annette lovingly cared for her father who had diabetes, and back then it was a painstaking task to provide the right balance of sugars and nutrients. All ingredients of the meals were weighed and measured.


Although there was also an artistic flair, the scene seemed to have been set and Annette ventured into healing via nursing then more specifically mothercraft nursing.


With the birth of her two children, healing and nurturing focussed on the family and her own ailments. Eventually Annette had sufficient information to fill many pages in a book. So with more research and determination, the first publication evolved. Its success led to an updated version - Body is the Barometer of the Soul II - which is still finding its way into handbags, onto benches and bedside tables.


To thank Annette for her wonderful and continued contribution to our world, her name has been placed on the Shilling Wall at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, the site of the old Queen Victoria hospital, where both her daughters were born.


The Shilling Wall was erected to commemorate the efforts of the special women who opened the first women’s clinic in Australia to which the Queen Victoria Hospital ensued. Tributes to other women have been selected by their families, friends and peers for their own special significance to them and their communities. Viva Annette!


The Shilling Wall is located at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, 210 Lonsdale St Melbourne.









(Annette’s home for many years)




Annette at home