On Thursday 30th June 2005, Annette Noontil moved peacefully on from the earth’s plane, to where new light shines.


Her sincere, dedicated and fun-loving nature will be sadly missed, but her spirit lives on.


Annette touched and sometimes pummelled our souls with her sheer concern for our growth and healing. That was her life and to the end she was tapping her knowledge to assist family and friends in need.



But do not fret without Annette

Look within as she has shown

Delve down deep, feel and see

The keys are there, just believe.



Eat a home baked biscuit or cake, appreciate the happy flowers in the garden, enjoy splashes of purple, and you will feel the wonderful soul we knew as Annette.


Annette’s valuable resources (books and charts) are still available. Contact P.O. Box 296 Nunawading Vic 3131 or E-mail from this web site. Most progressive bookshops carry the material.