30th June 2010 was the fifth anniversary of Annette’s passing to lighter realms.


On that day I was cutting purple material for Annette’s granddaughter Kirralee’s school production. Kirralee was curled up under a purple doona watching TV and grandson Nelson was reading a book with a purple cover. Annette couldn’t have been much closer.


Although Mum is not around in a physical form, we are still regularly graced with her presence and good will. Sometimes we even request she come and support us as we know her energy is positive and strong. It may be a new course I’ll be facilitating or reading with a large group of children, or the kids when they’re in sporting finals or exams where they need to be relaxed and calm. She loved being involved with her family.


At other times I will unwittingly select one of her purple hankies to put in my pocket, or we hear a familiar saying drift through our conversation, or we are eating her favourite foods. She is still very close to us and we love her dearly